What’s on our Floor? Hades Powder Coat Oven

The powder coat process is a painting process that involves adding a powder plastic to a surface by charging the substrate, placing it in an oven (Hades) where it will melt, and then cool it so that it hardens. Once the surface of the item has hardened, the finish is much more durable than most other painting methods.

At Zeta Group, we have the capabilities to do this process in-house with the help of our custom built Hades oven.

In-house powder coat set up
Zeta’s in-house powder coat set up

Prior to constructing Hades, we had a smaller oven that we were able to powder coat smaller parts in.

A lot of the parts that we use for our conveyor systems are powder coated parts to increase their durability. After realizing that we needed a larger system to powder coat more parts and larger parts, we drew up a plan to build a larger oven. 

Inside of powder coat oven
Inside of our Hades oven

Since Hades can handle extreme heat, we found it fitting to name it after the Greek god of the underworld. Hades is a 4’ x 4’ oven that allows us to be more efficient in our powder coat processes.

Rather than having to outsource to get our materials powder coated, we can complete the task in house.

This reduces the time spent working with a third party. That means we can complete the full project quicker due to current supply chain lead time issues.

Powder coat drying process
Powder Coat Drying Process

The controls for our Hades oven was also an in-house project. Since we do in-house controls on our conveyor and robotic systems we were able to install the controls on this project in-house as well.

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