What’s on our Floor? – Atlas Hoist

In automation and conveyor manufacturing, efficiency is key.

Here at Zeta, to make our processes more efficient, we utilize an overhead mobile hoist that we affectionately call “Atlas.” Just like the Greek god Atlas, our mobile hoist bears a lot of weight on its shoulders.

By helping lift and move heavy objects, the mobile hoist makes difficult tasks easier and quicker. This is especially important when working with large conveyors and robotic equipment. Atlas aids in our efficient speed to market processes.

How a Team Building Activity Inspired Atlas’ Electric Drive

Our mobile hoist began as a manual moving hoist without any electric drives. After pushing it around, our team decided that it would work much more efficiently if it were an electric driven hoist.

To make it an electrically driven hoist, we conducted a team building activity with the whole company seeing if we could come up with ways to attach an electric drive to Atlas.

Our team of engineers gained inspiration from a whitepaper that explained the benefits of a 2-wheel drive vs. 4-wheel drive system.

After working to implement the drive system as a team, Atlas is now able to move around the shop floor with ease.

This provides our shop a much more efficient, effective, and safe way to move heavy equipment.

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