What Makes Hermes Unique

Zeta’s Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution takes a collaborative robot and places it on a movable cart.

There are many other “mobile cobot” solutions out there but by choosing Zeta’s Hermes, you gain a unique competitive advantage over other manufactures. Here’s why.


Other mobile cobot solutions provide limited mobility. For those companies, “mobility” means being able to pick the system up with a fork truck and move it. Not always the most efficient way to move things.  

With Hermes, you can easily move the system between lines via the mobile cart. It takes less than five minutes to undock, move, and redock the system, saving you valuable time with relocating and positioning.  


Many companies will “nickel and dime” you for features that are essential to the success of installing a complete cobot system.  

At Zeta, we want to ensure you have an efferently running system, even with our “base” level. Here’s a few of our included features that we find essential for any successful Hermes system:  

  • Cobot, mobile cart, and conveyor all included 
  • 5 SKUs included with package 
  • FAT Completed on our shop floor with your product 
  • 9.7” HMI with remote access 
  • Meltric switch rated electrical plug 


We aim to ensure that the installation of your Hermes Mobile Cobot solution is successful. Instead of giving you the cobot and letting you figure it out, we are with you at each step of the process.  

This support includes our internal FAT testing, providing onsite training for your workers, and service after installation.  

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