Discover the Features of Zeta’s Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution

Zeta’s Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution is a game-changer in the world of collaborative robotics. It features the FANUC CRX-25iA cobot.

While there are several “mobile cobot” solutions available, choosing Zeta’s Hermes brings you a range of distinct advantages, primarily in terms of remarkable features.

Let’s dive into what sets our Hermes system apart.

Unmatched Mobility

Many mobile cobot solution offer limited mobility, often relying on forklifts for relocation. This can be farm from efficient.

With Hermes, you have the freedom to effortlessly move the system between different production lines using a mobile cart.

This process is incredibly swift, taking less than five minutes to undock, relocate, and redock the system, saving you valuable time when adapting to changing production needs.

Included Features

Some companies tend to nickel-and-dime customers for essential features, but at Zeta, we take a different approach.

We believe that a successful Hermes system should come with critical features right from the start. Herse’s a glimpse of what our base package includes:

Many companies will “nickel and dime” you for features that are essential to the success of installing a complete cobot system.  

  • Cobot, mobile cart, and conveyor are all part of the package
  • 5 SKUs included
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) completed on our shop floor with your product, ensuring seamless integration
  • The system boasts a user-friendly 9.7” HMI with remote access and PDF & video capabilities.
  • For convenience and safety, we equip the system with a Meltric switch-rated electrical plug.


Our commitment doesn’t end with the delivery of the Hermes Mobile Cobot. We are with you through the installation and operation of the system.

Unlike other companies that let you figure things out, Zeta provides end-to-end support.

This includes a comprehensive FAT testing, on-site training for your staff, and dedicated service and assistance after installation.

In summary, Zeta’s Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution shines due to its unmatched mobility, inclusive feature set, and dedicated support. If you are seeking hassle-free and feature-rich solution to integrate a mobile cobot into your operations, Zeta’s Hermes is your answer.

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