What is an Over Under Conveyor? | Cyclops Conveyor Series

An over under conveyor is a continuously running, asynchronous, pallet conveyor for custom fixtures that allows individual pallets to be positioned for accurate pick and place of product without shutting down motors or relying on clutches that other systems typically require. At Zeta Group Engineering an over under conveyor is part of our Cyclops Conveyor Series.


There is a unique array of characteristics which set this conveyor apart from other conveyors. Some of these features include:

Asynchronous Indexing

The pallets, made from steel or aluminum slats, that carry product are not attached to the chain, so the pallets can move independently from each other. This allows for a less complicated design which uses pallet stops for pallet accumulation, release, and positioning. Having pallets that move independently from each other decreases the cycle time of the pallets from station to station.

Continuously Running Conveyor

The motor on this conveyor does not index and is continuously running, giving the motor/gearbox a longer lifespan. This also decreases the cycle time from station to station, decreasing the amount of downtime for the line.

Flexible Pallet Designs

To make the custom pallets, aluminum or steel slats are assembled together. These slats can vary in width (typically between 3” to 8”) to accommodate the fixture tooling and product that rides on the pallet.­

Custom Conveyor Fixture Design

The fixturing on Cyclops holds the product in place while it rides down the line. Customers have the option of having the fixturing on the slats provided or to provide their own fixturing which they will place on the slats after delivery.


The frame is made of rugged steel construction which means it can handle heavier loads than the lighter duty aluminum frames. It has a low-profile design and fewer moving parts which means there is less jamming and maintenance.


The Cyclops Conveyor uses a Festo I/O system which allows for all sensors and pneumatics to be on the same network. It utilizes one ethernet IP connection for the entire system which autodetects connection devices and builds an I/O map.


Safety is a top priority when assembling any of our automation and conveyor systems. Custom made guarding on ends available for manual load or unload. Other electronic safety options are available including light curtains, safety proximity switches, etc.

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