What is an Over Under Conveyor? | Cyclops Conveyor Series

With so many different conveyor types out there, sometimes its hard to keep track of them all. 

And even harder to know which kind to choose for your manufacturing system.

That's why we are here: to demystify at least one of these conveyor types. The Over Under Conveyor.

What is an Over Under Conveyor?

An over under conveyor is a continuously running, asynchronous, pallet conveyor for custom fixtures that allows individual pallets to be positioned for accurate pick and place of product without shutting down motors or relying on clutches that other systems typically require.

At Zeta Group Engineering, the over under conveyor is part of our Cyclops Conveyor Series.

Key Features of an Over Under Conveyor

Asynchronous Indexing

The pallets, constructed from durable steel or aluminum slats, are not attached to the chain.

This design allows individual pallets to move independently, reducing the complexity of the system.

Pallet stops are used for accumulation, release, and positioning.

This independent movement significantly decreases the cycle time from station to station.

Continuously Running Conveyor

The motor on this conveyor operates continuously without indexing.

This increases the lifespan of the motor and gearbox.

This feature also minimizes downtime by reducing cycle times between stations.

Flexible Pallet Designs

Custom pallets are constructed by assembling aluminum or steel slats.

These slats can vary in width, typically ranging from 3" to 8" to accommodate various fixture tooling and products.

Custom Conveyor Fixture Design

Zeta's conveyors allow the flexibility to choose fixturing options.

Fixturing can be provided on the slats or added by customers after the delivery of the conveyor.

Increase your efficiency with an Over-Under Conveyor

Robust Frame

The frame of our over-under conveyor is constructed with rugged steel, allowing it to handle heavier loads compared to lighter aluminum frames.

It's low-profile design and minimal moving parts reduce the risk of jams and the need for frequent maintenance.

Advanced Controls

Zeta's over-under conveyors utilize a Festo I/O system that integrates sensors and pneumatics to the same network.

This system optimizes efficiency with a single ethernet IP connection, automatically detecting connected devices and building an I/O map.


Safety is extremely important when designing automation and conveyor systems.

We offer custom-made guarding for manual load or unload processes.

Additionally, electronic safety options such as light curtains and safety proximity switches are available to ensure a safe working environment.

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