What is a PRM Conveyor? | Arion Conveyor Series

As part of our Arion Conveyor Series at Zeta Group, the PRM conveyor is a single drive conveyor used for accumulating heavy industrial parts in dirty, dusty environments. It is easily customizable using various standard options and includes slip roller technology and/or zero pressure zone accumulation.

Rendering of a PRM conveyor

PRM Features

Some characteristic features of our Arion conveyors include:

Continuously Running

  • The motor on the conveyor does not index and is continually running. This allows the motor/gearbox and the sprockets/chains to last longer.

Rugged Steel Frame

  • The durable frame used in the Arion Conveyor Series was originally designed for the rotor and caliper industry and has over 45 years of proven reliability.
PRM conveyor

Flexible Layout Design

  • The design and footprint of the conveyor can be adjusted depending on the customer’s needs and floorplan.
  • These design options include:
    • Number of lanes (single lane and/or multi-lane)
    • Custom widths and lengths
    • Right angle transfers
    • Curved roller sections

Roller Variations

  • There are multiple roller surface choices to best fit your product including:
    • Urethane rollers
    • Steel rollers
    • Plastic rollers
    • Right angle transfer rollers
    • UHMW rollers
    • Tapered rollers
    • Hardened steel rollers

Control Features

  • A FESTO I/O system is used, which allows for all sensors and pneumatics to be on the same network. It also means there is only one ethernet IP connection required for the entire system.
  • A simpler PLC programming auto detects connected devices and builds I/O maps.

Other PRM Features: Escapements and Overhead Lifts

  • Escapements can be used in instances where part singulation is needed.
  • Overhead lifts are perfect for a variety of reasons including:
    • Creating a walk through aisleway under a conveyor
    • Overhead accumulation of products

These are just a few key features that an Arion Conveyor offers an automated system. At Zeta Group Engineering we work with our customers to create a system fit for their specific automation needs.

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