What does it mean to be an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC?

Zeta Group Engineering is proud to be an exclusive robotics partner and Authorized System Integrator with Fanuc America Corporation. As such we are able to provide quality robot and cobot systems to our customers.

Who is FANUC?

FANUC is a robotic manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. They are a leader in the industry and offer more than 100 robot models to help any type of manufacturer.

Their robots can be integrated for use in a variety of different applications. These include palletizing, case packing, machine tending, and others.

What is a FANUC Authorized System Integrator?

FANUC’s Authorized System Integrators have been chosen by FANUC as leaders of their industries in integrating robotic & automation systems.

Integrators are able to analyze system requirement and provide robotic solutions. These solutions can provide the improved quality, throughput and productivity that you are looking for in a system.

Benefits of using a FANUC Authorized System Integrator

Knowledgeable Integrator

Being an authorized system integrator for FANUC means that we are knowledgeable about their robotic lineup. This knowledge means that integration of robots can be a smoother process than if someone were to try and do it themselves, without any knowledge.

Customer service

FANUC is known for their exceptional customer service. Integrating a system through an Authorized System Integrator provides contacts and resources above and beyond the general FANUC customer service.

Some highlights of FANUC’s customer service include:

  • Access to FANUC’s CRC website
  • Quick response time
  • Large inventory of spare parts all within the US  

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