The 5-Step Zeta Process

When implementing industrial automation systems, efficiency and short lead times are crucial. At Zeta Group, we implement a 5-step process for all of our designs and installs. This 5-Step Zeta Process provides value-added engineering and custom solutions to drive business to the next level.

The Process

Step 1: The Brief

Customers brief us about what they want and need in an automation system. The project scope, opportunities and challenges are identified at the customer’s site.

Step 2: Concept Phase

We develop the conceptual designs and assemble a project budget range and duration.

Step 3: Preliminary Engineering

After the customer decides on a concept, we put more detail to the design, engage vendors and tighten the budget and duration.

Step 4: Engineering Phase

We execute detailed designs, conduct client reviews, safety reviews and schedule implementation.

Step 5: Execute the build

We build and test the new custom automated solution. We then plan for delivery and help train for use.

Advantages of The 5-Step Process

  • Provides comprehensive project management in a one-stop-shop
  • Avoids mistakes that are created from multiple providers
  • Reduces risks with earlier cost projections
  • Assure high creativity, innovation, safety, and efficiency
  • Facilitates effective communication / decision-making in all steps
  • Guarantees complete automated machine design
  • Guarantees successful installation

5-Step vs. 11-Step Process

Zeta’s 5-step process creates a simpler and quicker alternative to the traditional 11-step process. These other processes include various outside sources in order to get the job done. This means it takes longer and becomes more confusing as the job progresses.

With the 5-step process, Zeta can deliver up to 40% time-savings for speed-to-market.

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