System Spotlight: Tub Conveyor and Pallet Dispenser


The customer needed a conveyor for accumulating bathtubs and a pallet dispenser in order to be able to place the bathtubs on pallets for their shipping procedures.

The project required the accumulation conveyor to be on two different levels of the facility.

Because of the size and nature of the bathtub both the pallet dispenser and accumulation conveyor needed to be customized to fit the size.

To help solve this problem, we designed an over under conveyor and a pallet dispenser that was customized to fit the needs of their project.

Highlights of This System

Athena Automation Series – Pallet Dispenser

  • Custom built to handle wide pallets
  • MDR conveyor for pallet dispenser and transfer
  • Safety
    • E-stop push button
    • Guarding
    • Wire fencing with light curtain

Cyclops Conveyor Series – Over Under Conveyor

  • Custom sized pallet and fixturing for tub
  • Custom supports for two elevation points
  • Safety
    • Guarding
    • Safety Switches

Overall System

Outcome of the System

Because of this project, the customer is now able to accumulate bathtubs from one level of their facility to another and are able to efficiently place bathtubs on pallets for their shipping operations.

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