System Spotlight: Stainless Steel Pulse Roller Conveyor


This project was designed and built for a major chip manufacturing facility that performed chemical etching for circuit boards.

Our customer was in search of a conveyor that could bring their product in and out of a clean room fill station. They needed five lines total to do this.

The project required each line to have three sections for the three different environments that the product would be going through: warehouse – intermediate room – clean room.

To help solve the customer’s problem, we designed a stainless steel chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor using 24V DC Pulse Roller technology.

Highlights of This System

Pulse Roller


  • 24V DC Motor
  • Handling a 3000+ pound load, even on a slight incline
  • Pulse Roller Ai2 Control Card and ConveyLinx IO cards


  • Special chain for clean room (O-Ring Chain)
  • Stainless materials are perfect for extreme environments


  • UL Labeled Control Panels with stainless steel enclosures
  • With Ethernet Connection
  • Designed, Built, and Programmed In-House
  • Interfaced with customer’s control system


  • Five parallel lines bring product from the warehouse to the clean room fill stations

Outcome of the System

This stainless steel CDLR conveyor is able to bring the customer’s 3000lb load from the clean room environment to the warehouse on each of the five lines, enhancing their processes and throughput.

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  1. I am in need of a small SS conveyor system to fill cardboard totes of frozen vegetables. I have a CAD layout of what is needed. If interested in providing a quotation, please email me.

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