System Spotlight: Stainless Steel Dry Ice Conveyors


A customer came to us needing a conveying solution for transporting bagged dry ice. Because of the type of product being transported, special materials were needed. Our solution was a stainless-steel plastic belt conveyor constructed for a washdown environment.

Stainless Steel Belt Conveyors


Stainless Steel Frame

The frame was made from stainless steel so that it could withstand a washdown environment without rusting or deteriorating over time.

Bearing Type

The bearings that were used were Dodge EZ-Kleen bearings, with a polymer housing and stainless-steel insert.


The motor was a washdown rated motor with a hollow bore shaft mounted reducer.


The supports were made of stainless steel, using stainless leveling pads.

Plastic Belt

A white plastic flat top acetal belt was driven by plastic sprockets on a stainless-steel shaft.

Nose Roller

The idle end of the conveyor used a UHMW nose roller for a tight transfer of small product.

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