System Spotlight: Stacked Over Under Conveyor

Over under conveyors are unique material handling solutions. At Zeta Group, we take a standard design and customize it to fit the parameters of specific projects. We recently completed a project where two over under conveyors were stacked on top of each other to provide a unique solution for our customer’s needs.

Two over under conveyors stacked on top of each other.

Stacked Over Under Conveyor Features

Floorspace Saving

In manufacturing, floorspace is precious. This sometimes means that a project needs to be designed in a certain way to maximize floorspace utilization.

When two over under conveyors are stacked on top of each other, it allows for the functionality of two conveyors with the footprint of one.

Robot Reach

Zeta conveyors are often integrated with robotic solutions. When this is the case, robot reach has to be taken into consideration.

Sometimes when two conveyors are side by side with each other, a robot cannot reach to pick/place product.

Stacking the conveyors makes the reach requirements much more manageable.

Faster Cycle Time

Since the reach requirements of a robot is not as far away, it allows for shorter pick/place movement. The shorter the pick/place, the faster the cycle time.

One Load/Unload

Two separate conveyors could have multiple load/unload positions.

When the conveyors are stacked on top of each other, it can be designed so that there is only one load/unload position for the operator.

Features of All Over Under Conveyors

Asynchronous Indexing

In an over under conveyor, the pallets that carry the product are not attached to the chain. This allows the pallets to move independently from each other and the chain. This decreases the cycle time of pallets from station to station.

Continuously Running Conveyor

The motor on the conveyor does not index and is continuously running. This gives the motor/gearbox a longer lifespan.

Additionally, this decreases the cycle time from station to station.


A Zeta over under conveyor uses a FESTO I/O system. This allows all pneumatics and sensors to be on the same network.

It also utilizes one ethernet connection for the entire system. This autodetects connected devices and builds an I/O map.


Safety is extremely important in all of our conveyor and robotic designs. Over under conveyors feature custom designed guarding on the ends for manual load or unload. Other electronic safety is also available. This includes light curtains, safety proximity switches, etc.

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