System Spotlight: Roller Conveyor for 3000lb Plastic Tote

In the world of industrial automation, the ability to move heavy loads efficiently and seamlessly is a pivotal factor in optimizing operations. We recently undertook a project to design and build a conveyor system for a client grappling with the challenge of transporting a hefty 3000lb plastic tote. The result was a conveyor system that not only facilitated the movement of the heavy load but also incorporated advanced features like 24VDC rollers, an aluminum pallet for the load, a weighing station, and Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA).

Key Features of the Conveyor System

24VDC Rollers

Traditional conveyor systems often rely on high-energy motors to drive the movement of heavy loads. However, we opted for a more energy-efficient approach by integrating 24VDC rollers. These rollers not only provided the necessary power to move the substantial load but also provided fine-tuned control over the speed and movement of the load.

Aluminum Pallet

To ensure smooth and stable movement, we incorporated an aluminum pallet for the plastic tote to ride on. Aluminum’s lightweight yet robust nature provided to be the perfect material for the task, contributing to the overall efficiency of the system.

Weighing Station

As the plastic tote moved along the conveyor, we added a weighting station to allow to customer to monitor the weight of the load.

Zero Pressure Accumulation

We incorporated Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) technology in this conveyor. This feature ensured the heavy tote could be transported without the risk of collision or damage. This not only safeguards the tote from potential damage but also contributes to the longevity of the system.

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