3 Products. 2 Tools. 1 Cobot.

The manufacturing industry is fast-paced and ever evolving. Because of this, efficiency and adaptability are crucial to business. In order to keep up, businesses must keep evolving the technologies in their manufacturing facilities.

Recently, one of Zeta’s customers has reimagined their manufacturing floor with technology that adapts to their various palletizing needs. This technology? The Hermes Mobile Cobot, equipped with multiple tooling types. A cutting edge answer to the ever changing needs of modern manufacturing.

About Hermes Mobile Cobot

Gone are the days of stationary, bulky automation. Mobility is helping bring businesses into modern, adaptable manufacturing.

The Hermes Mobile Cobot takes a FANUC collaborative robot, places it on a mobile cart, and provides flexibility to a previously rigid process. Utilizing the FANUC CRX-25iA, Hermes has a high weight capacity with a lightweight frame.

Meeting the Customer's Needs

Our customer had a production line that handled multiple pallet patterns and diverse box types. Because of this, they knew they needed a solution that could adapt to this versatility.

Providing the Solution

To solve this issue, we customize our Hermes Mobile Cobot to handle these variations in pallet patterns and box types. This solution included four pallet patterns, with two end of arm tooling options: a fork tool and a multi-zone vacuum tool.

The fork tool was used for cases which were not sealed and couldn’t be handled from their tops. The vacuum tool was used for the cases that could be handled from their tops.

To enhance adaptability, we incorporated a tool-changing device, allowing the operator to effortlessly switch between the two types of tooling.

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