System Integrators – Experts in System Design

Robotic integrators play a critical role in the field of automation by serving as experts in system design. Integrators possess a deep understanding of robotics and automation technologies, enabling them to develop comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of business across various industries.


System design is a crucial part of the robotic integration process. A successful automated system begins with a well-designed architecture. Integrators play a vital role in the system design phase, collaborating with customers to define specifications and requirements to design a system that enhances the current process and operations.

Designing a system requires integrators to take into account several key factors including selecting the appropriate robot type for the application. Considerations such as layout, payload requirements, and robot tasks allow integrators to find the optimal robot.

Robot integrators also evaluate the needs for additional components such as vision systems, end of arm tools, sensors, and safety features, all of which are integrated into the overall system design.


When considering automation, it’s best to put the process in the hands of someone who is an expert in comprehensive system design. Integrators have in-depth knowledge of robotics, automation technologies, and industry requirements. These experts enable them to analyze complex operational challenges, collaborate with clients, and create a tailored solution that maximizes efficiency, productivity, and safety.

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