Streamlining Robotic Installation with Robot Integrators

Installation of a robotic system is a large undertaking. Especially for those who are underqualified or those who don’t fully understand the nuances of system installation. When it comes to a large system that includes a robot, it’s beneficial to leave the installation up to certified robotic integrators.

Streamlining Robotic Installation

Robotic integrators are extremely familiar with installation processes. Because of this, they can develop comprehensive integration plans. By breaking the installation down into manageable steps, the process can go much more smoothly and efficiently than with someone who is not as familiar with the process.

The expertise of an integrator allows for efficient hardware assembly, software configuration, and calibration procedures.

Integrators can also conduct rigorous testing and debugging on a system, ensuring the system functions as intended and meets the desired performance benchmarks. At Zeta Group, we provide full FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) with your product before we even ship it to be assembled on your floor. We also then continue testing and debugging once the system has been installed on your floor.


Since robotic installation is an advanced and tedious project to undertake, it’s best to have a robotic integrator install a robot. This way, the system can be up and running in a fraction of the time and will work more effectively and efficiently since it has been installed properly with all the proper testing and debugging.

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