Smart Conveyor – Making Conveyors Smart for Efficient Box Picking

Conveyors are used for transferring materials from one place to another. Some basic conveyors do this without the need for precise placement of those materials. However, when precise placement of different box sizes in a row with low back pressure is needed, added “smarts" are required.

Smart Conveyor Technology for Box Picking

The system begins with a MDR roller conveyor that is zoned for no back pressure to allow for gapping without having boxes run into each other. The rollers are canted rollers so boxes justify to one side of the conveyor.

After they are driven to one side of the conveyor, each box is bump turned depending on the direction the box needs to be, via a dynamic bump turn. This creates the specific pattern for palletizing. Determining which box to bump turn is based on vision system verification.

Using Intralox ARB™ plastic belt conveyor technology to justify and accumulate the boxes with low back pressure into a corner allows for the repeatable robot pickup and accurate placement.

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