Roller Conveyor Lift Gates for Pass Through

What are conveyor lift gates?

Lift gates are a portion of a conveyor (typically roller conveyor) that is designed to lift up and down on a hinge.

They are typically added to a section of conveyor to allow for a safe pass through area. This then allows a worker access to a closed off space.

Zeta’s Roller Conveyor Lift Gate


Manual Lift Gate

  • A typical lift gate includes manual controls
  • Additional controls may be included as an option

Lift Assist

  • The manual lift gate includes a lift assist to keep the weight under 50 lbs.
  • This allows for safe operation by workers

Safe Positioning

  • The manual lift gate also includes an assist to keep the lift gate safely in the up position until it is manually lowered

Ergonomic Handles

  • There are added handles on the side of the conveyor section to allow for an ergonomic lift

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Zeta Group Engineering is a robotic integrator and conveyor manufacturer based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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