LR Mate Series

  • Up to 7kg load capacity
  • Max. reach: 911mm

M-20i Series

  • Up to 35kg load capacity
  • Max reach: 2009mm

M-710iC Series

  • Up to 70kg load capacity
  • Max. Reach: 3123mm

M-410 Series

  • Up to 700kg load capacity
  • Max reach: 3143mm

R-2000i Series

  • Up to 270kg load capacity
  • Max. reach: 3500mm

Delta Series Robots

  • Up to 12kg load capacity
  • Max reach: 1600mm

We Integrate Robots for


Case Packing

Product Handling

Machine Tending

Quality Checks




Enhanced User eXperience (EUX)

We take a step back to think through and provide a better user experience from maintenance to operators through all levels of your organization.


We pride ourselves in maximizing our robotic systems for safety by performing a risk assessment before shipping.

Tooling Design

Each cobot has custom tool designs based on the given project.

Levels of Collaboration with Robots

With safety being top priority, we ensure your system is set up with the appropriate features to make sure workers and robots are collaborating at a level appropriate for your specific system needs. From a fenced robot to a synchronized collaboration including safety sensors and scanners, and a variety of specialized levels in between, we will work with you to figure out which robot set-up is right for you.

Zeta Group Engineering is an exclusive robotics partner and Authorized System Integrator with FANUC America.