Safety First! – Importance of Robotic Safety Standards

Robotic safety is an essential part of the automation process. Since automation in manufacturing is a collaborative effort between humans and robots, it is integral that certain safety protocols need to be followed.  


At Zeta Group, in order for a project to leave our facility and be installed on a customer’s floor, we carry out a risk assessment on every project that we design and build.

We follow the safety standards set out by A3 Robotics, who has been the leader in robotics safety for nearly forty years.

A3 Robotics created the ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 safety standard as the forefront in robotics safety and continues to expand and provide the leading safety resources to robotic integrators.

These risk assessments are a document that follows the project from start to finish and during its entire lifetime on the customer’s manufacturing floor.

The documents provide a means to identify potential hazards with the project and allows us to mitigate the risk/hazards that may come up.

During the final safety check before the project leaves our floor for shipping and installation, we have multiple people including engineering, sales, ownership, marketing, and production managers all look at the system and assess it. This allows for many fresh pairs of eyes to evaluate the project for hazards/risks.


In order to assure that any potential risk is mitigated, we begin this process at the design phase and continue to follow it through until its shipped and installed at the customer’s facility. These risk mitigation techniques may include:

  • Setbacks
  • Point guarding
  • Signage
  • Perimeter guarding
  • Area scanners
  • Light curtains
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