Reimagining Manufacturing Efficiency with 2 Hermes Mobile Cobots

In today’s competitive manufacturing market, efficiency is crucial for businesses to remain profitable. One way to increase efficiency is through the use of automation. In this blog post, we will explore how two collaborative robots can share the load of one manufacturing line to manage higher rates.

What is Hermes?

Hermes is a mobile cobot solution that places a FANUC collaborative robot on a mobile cart. This cart can be moved for any reason within minutes without the need for a fork truck.

Using Two Hermes Mobile Cobots

Increasing Rate

One strategy for increasing the efficiency of a manufacturing line is to use two Hermes Automation Solutions to share the load. The two cobots are programmed to work together seamlessly with clear communication and coordination between the two.

By alternating the palletizing between two systems rather than using one Hermes solution, you can manage higher rates.

Reducing Overall Footprint with Cobots

The advantage of using two Hermes solutions here rather than an industrial robot is because Hermes utilize a collaborative robot. By nature, cobots require less floorspace than industrial robots because they don’t require additional fencing or safety scanners.

They are designed to be compact and can often be integrated into existing manufacturing setups without the need for significant modifications.

This allows an operator to efficiently interface with the system without stopping the cobots.


When integrated as part of the Hermes Automation Series, cobots offer a range of benefits over traditional industrial robots, including increased flexibility, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

By using two Hermes to share the load of one manufacturing line, businesses can increase efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the smaller footprint makes them a more practical solution for many manufacturing operations.

As technology continues to improve, companies that reimagine their manufacturing floor with Hermes will be better positioned to remain competitive in the marketplace.

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