Pop-Up Transfers

A pop-up transfer is a way to move material from a conveyor, perpendicularly. It can either be used to transfer from one conveyor to another or to transfer off of a single conveyor.

There is a wide variety to the type of product that can be transferred. Flat bottomed parts of various sizes or different sized pallets are all transferable via a pop-up transfer.

Chain transfers, specifically, are more standard and are beneficial when cross transferring from one roller conveyor to another. They are typically used for pallet handling applications.

Other applications require different types of transfers. Timing belts, plastic chain, urethane linked belt, or a series of pneumatic cylinders can also be used depending on product. For example, a timing belt or urethane linked belt are good for a non-marking application. 

At Zeta we offer pop-up transfers as an additional option to a conveyor system, where it fits the application. View this brochure for more information.

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  1. I am interested in procuring a transfer option for steel grating that will be fed onto a conveyor and into a shear machine

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