Pallet Dispenser for Indexing Pallets

Robotic palletizing systems are automated solutions that use robots to load product onto pallets.

One crucial aspect of the palletizing process is placing or indexing an empty pallet into place for the robot to begin palletizing on. There are a few ways to accomplish this including manually placing the pallet, using a pallet dispenser, and having a robot pick and place the pallet.

We know that manually placing the pallet is the most time consuming and least efficient way to accomplish this task, so in this blog post we will focus on the benefits of using a pallet dispenser in a palletizing application.

Pallet Dispensers

Pallet dispensers work by placing a stack of pallets in a rack and having the dispenser automatically feed one pallet at a time onto a conveyor which then automatically indexes the pallet to the palletizing zone.

When a pallet is needed, a signal is sent to the palletizer’s control system, activating the dispenser that places a single pallet onto the conveyor. The dispenser then returns to its original state, ready to dispense another pallet when signaled.

Benefits of Pallet Dispensers


In a system that separates the function of pallet handling away from the robot, the robot has one dedicated job rather than two. This allows the rate of the system to be increased because it doesn’t take away from the robot’s cycle time. 


Pallet dispensers may be a more cost-effective approach to a palletizing solution, especially smaller scale operations. For example, if a collaborative robot is being used for the palletizing portion of the application, it will not be able to handle the pallets. The robot will need to be upgraded in order to handle the pallets and therefore add to the cost.

Additionally, adding a new end of arm tool to handle the pallets is costly. It can be more cost effective to use a pallet dispenser.


Having a robot handle the pallet can complicate the process. This can sometimes require more customization to handle different types of pallets. A pallet dispenser may be more compatible with various types of pallets. It can easily be customized to handle custom shaped pallets.


Overall, the choice between pallet dispensers and a robot pick and place system will depend on the specific needs and constraints of the specific application, as well as costs and technical requirements of the solution.

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