New FANUC CRX Cobots Added to Lineup

New FANUC CRX Collaborative Robots

About two years after the initial release of their CRX series cobots, FANUC has added three new cobots to the CRX family.

Collaborative robots are popular due to their additional safety features, allowing the cobots to be utilized in solutions where a smaller footprint and/or increased human & robot collaboration are needed. The small footprint and compact space that the cobot occupies also allows it to be utilized in project where mobility is needed.  Adding these three new cobots to the CRX lineup expands the ability for cobots to be used in various different solutions.


The standard CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L each have a 10kg capacity and have 1249mm-1418mm of reach.

The new cobots have capacities of 5kg, 20kg, and 25kg, increasing the weight range that a cobot is able to lift. Additionally, the reach now ranges from 994mm to 1889mm allowing for flexibilities in how far the cobot arm can extend.

These weight increases and extension increases means that the cobots can be implemented into more automation solutions than before.


FANUC stands out because of their customer service and reliability. The CRX series cobots can go 8 years with zero maintenance, giving the CRX an increased industrial durability and reliability.

At Zeta Group, we specialize in FANUC robots & cobots and are an exclusive authorized system integrator for FANUC.

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