Modular Manufacturing Equipment

Being equipped with modular manufacturing equipment has many benefits. Flexibility, cost efficiency, and customizability are a few examples of those many benefits.

But what is modularity and how does it contribute to a well-functioning automation system?

What is modularity?

Modularity is when individual components are able to be combined to create various larger functioning systems.

The simplest example of modularity is building blocks that can be combined in various configurations to create a larger system.

What are benefits of modularity in manufacturing?


Since modular systems are made up of various components, there are a variety of ways to organize them to achieve similar results.

This is important in manufacturing because sometimes a larger, rigid system may not fit the floor space, but a modular system can potentially be rearranged to optimize and fit the floor space. 

Cost Efficiency

Modular systems are cost efficient because they are able to be expanded and replaced where needed, rather than all together.

When a part of a system needs to be replaced, that modular component can be swapped out without having to swap out more of the system. 

Similarly, when a manufacturing line is ready to be expanded, rather than replacing the system for a larger one, the line can be added on to with more modular components.


Modularity allows for customization of a solution with standard components. This is extremely helpful in manufacturing processes because it allows for a system to be created based on specific project needs.

A one size fits all solutions sometimes isn’t the best option for a project. This is where modular systems are more of an advantage.  

Zeta’s Modular Components

At Zeta Group, a majority of our systems are made of modular components. We have standard conveyors, automation, and robotic components that can be combined to create larger systems.

For example, our Hermes Automation Series is a robotic component that can be combined with one of our various conveyor components to make a larger system.

Similarly, our Athena Automation Series is a pallet handling component that can be combined with our chain conveyor or roller conveyor to create a functioning system.

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