Hermes Mobile Palletizer – Options and Accessories

Our Hermes Mobile Palletizer series features excellent flexibility to meet the needs of various project requirements.

The Hermes series is extremely versatile and can be implemented for a variety of case sizes and product types.  When the project requires additional support, there are various options and accessories that can help achieve these additional goals.

Mobile Palletizer Options & Accessories

Base Sheet/Tier Sheet Handling

Base sheets for palletizing are used to provide a stable and uniform surface for stacking and transporting product. 

Hermes has the ability to handle the base sheets/tier sheets, allowing for the system to be fully automated. 


Longer Tool

Additional tooling can be swapped out for our standard tool if the product is larger than what our standard tool can handle. 

2-Zone Tool

We have a tooling option for picking 2 cases at a time. This allows for a greater rate than a single zone tool. It has the ability to drop a single case and then drop the second case separately to accommodate certain pallet patterns. 

Conveyor Options

As a conveyor manufacturer, we are able to customize the conveyor as necessary to optimize the system.

Zeta Group Engineering is a robotic integrator and conveyor manufacturer based in Wrightstown, WI.

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