Mobile Palletizer Options and Accessories – Hermes Automation System

Our mobile palletizer series (Hermes Automation Series) features excellent flexibility to meet the needs of various project requirements.

The systems themselves are extremely versatile and can be used in many different applications. When the project requires additional support, there are options and accessories that can help achieve these additional goals.

Mobile Palletizer Options and Accessories


One of the options that is available for our mobile palletizers is to scale the based on project requirements.

The collaborative version uses a Fanuc CRX cobot for a lighter, more collaborative solution.

The industrial version uses a Fanuc M-20 industrial robot for a more robust solution.

Collaborative palletizer rendering with Fanuc CRX

Mobile palletizer rendering with Fanuc M-20 robot

Infeed Conveyor

An optional add-on to the mobile palletizer is the conveyor system that will feed product to the robot.

The conveyors are also versatile and customizable. A 24V MDR conveyor is a typical conveyor for this system.

Mobile palletizer palletizing boxes

Slip/Tier Sheet

There is a slip/tier sheet option that can be added to this system.

A mobile slip/tier sheet stand with a docking station can be docked in different configurations based on the project needs and floorspace requirements.

Slip/tier sheet stand for palletizing boxes

Slip Sheet Stand

Tooling (For M20 Robot)

The system comes with a standard tooling design, but there are optional tools as well. When using the industrial version with the Fanuc M-20 robot, there is an option to program the robot for single or multiple picks.

The tooling for the industrial version can either be a mechanical tool or a vacuum tool.


The collaborative version of this system using a CRX comes standard with safety rated force detection.

The industrial version has three options for safety layouts:

  1. Safety Scanners
  2. Combo Fence and Light Curtain
  3. Combo Fence, Light Curtain, and Conveyors

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