Mobile Manufacturing Equipment: Why it’s Important

Mobile equipment allows for easy movement from one place to the next. In certain instances, installing mobile equipment in manufacturing lines can be extremely useful.

Mobility in manufacturing is all about optimization, versatility, and ease of maintenance. In this blog post, we explain the benefits of mobility in terms of these three attributes.

How Mobility Leads to Optimizing Equipment

Mobile systems are all about optimization of the equipment.

Mobility allows the system to move about the manufacturing floor. This is important because you can then utilize mobile equipment for multiple manufacturing lines.

For example, it is much easier to use a mobile robot for multiple different applications than it is with a stationary robot. The mobile system can be undocked and redocked at different locations quickly and easily.

With a stationary line, certain systems be idle at times, but with a mobile system, it can be moved to another line to be constantly running.

Versatility in Mobile Systems

Mobile equipment is versatile because not only can it be used on different lines, but it can also be programmed for different applications. Instead of using a piece of equipment for a single application, it can be pre-programed for multiple uses.

For example, a Fanuc CRX robot on a mobile cart can be used in multiple different machine tending applications. All you need to do is re-dock the robot and load the pre-programmed software for the new application.

Mobility Allows for Ease of Maintenance

When you implement a mobile system in a manufacturing application, it allows for a greater ease of maintenance and housekeeping.

If a line needs maintenance, it is easy to move the cart around to get to the part of the line that needs work.

When systems are stationary, it’s more of a hassle to try to get to the part of the line that needs work. With mobile systems, you can just move the carts out of the way for easy access.

Zeta Group and Mobility

At Zeta Group, we know the importance of mobility and we can create a mobile solution where we see it fits the application. We work closely with our customers to create a solution custom to their specific needs.

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