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In a previous blog post, we highlighted some key aspects of the collaborative version of our Hermes Automation Series. That mobile palletizing system, utilizing the FANUC CRX-10iA/L, is perfect for lighter loads or when the pallet height is lower. When the load is havier or the pallet height is higher, an mobile industrial palletizer is used. This features the FANUC M-20iD/25.

The industrial version of the Hermes Automation Series has some unique benefits that make it perfect for certain situations where palletizing requirements exceeds the cobot’s capacity.



Just like the collaborative Hermes, the M-20 robot is placed upon a mobile cart.

This allows the robot to be undocked and redocked between multiple lines quickly and efficiently, allowing for greater flexibility and repeatability.


There are multiple safety options available that can be deployed in various ways.

The safety configurations are customizable to fit the needs of your space.

Production Rate

The robot is programed to reach two pallet building locations on either side of the robot cart. This means it can palletize with minimal interruptions.

The cycle time for the system can be increased with multi-pick availability. Special tooling may be required for this.

Standard Accessories

The system has many standard accessories available.

A Weintek 9.7” HMI with remote access comes standard.

A Festo pneumatic components are also standard on the system.

A Meltric safety switch rated plug with Decontactor® Technology comes standard for easy plug-in.

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