Mobile and Compact Systems

               Manufacturing floorspace is extremely valuable. So having automation systems that have small footprints can make a big difference. Thankfully, we have equipment that specializes in being compact and mobile to make fitting into smaller spaces a breeze.

               Recently we had to opportunity to show our mobile and compact equipment at a few trade shows. We chose to bring our Hermes Automation Series featuring the FANUC CRX as well as our light duty version of the Cyclops Conveyor Series Over Under.

               Hermes is usually a palletizing application; however, because of its versatility we were able to showcase it as a machine tending operation to minimize the space needed. We programmed it to work in tandem with the light duty Cyclops system, picking and placing a metal piece on the pallets of the conveyor.

               Each of these systems is less than 10 feet so we were able to easily fit the setup in our 10×10 booth with extra space for a table and some chairs. This was a perfect way to showcase how we can fit our systems into tight spaces.

               Additionally, bringing these systems on to the trade show floor was a breeze. One of the key features of the Hermes system is that it is mobile, and we placed the Cyclops conveyor on casters. Being on wheels allowed us to move the systems into the space without the need for forklifts or heavy lifting equipment.

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