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Chain Conveyors – Perseus Conveyor Series

Overview Chain conveyors are multiple strand conveyors that are used to convey wrong way pallets and other large industrial products that cannot be conveyed on roller conveyors. They can also be used in instances where products need to be transferred from one conveyor line to another, giving more flexibility to a system. Types of Chain […]

Levels of Collaboration Case Study: Fenced Robot

Levels of Collaboration Between Humans and Robots Interactions between humans and robots can be distilled down into five levels. These levels are: Fenced RobotCoexistenceSequential CollaborationCooperationResponsive Collaboration An extensive breakdown of each of the levels can be found here. Case Study: Fenced Robot The first level of collaboration is Fenced Robot. This level is just as […]

Easy Installation – Hermes Mobile Cobot

Installing robotics systems can be typically a long, complex process. This requires long moments of downtime for a manufacturing line. Zeta Group Engineering’s Hermes Series mobile cobot is a far less taxing installation process. HERMES INSTALLATION FEATURES Quick Install Process Unlike the larger, more involved robotic systems which can take many days to install, Hermes’ […]

Chain Conveyors – Perseus Conveyor Series

Levels of Collaboration Case Study: Fenced Robot

Easy Installation – Hermes Mobile Cobot

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