How to Prepare Your Manufacturing Floor for Automation

How to Prepare Your Manufacturing Floor for Automation

So, you’ve purchased a new automation solution and can’t wait to get it on your manufacturing floor. There’s just one thing between you and the increased efficiency and productivity that comes with this new equipment: preparing for the installation.

But what needs to be done? This blog provides a comprehensive roadmap for preparing your manufacturing floor for a smooth installation.

Clear the Area

One of the first things to do is tidy up the space where your new automation system will call home. Remove any existing equipment or obstructions, and ensure the space is clear of any dirt, dust, or debris.

A clutter free environment not only promotes safety but also facilitates a streamlined installation process.

Check Electrical and Utility Requirements

The integrator you are working with will provide you with the information about the electrical and utility requirements for your new automation equipment. This information might include voltage, power capacity, and air requirements.

At Zeta Group, we support you through the process of identifying where the location of airdrops and power supply should be. Use this information to prepare your manufacturing floor and ensure that the installation area has access to adequate power sources and utility connections.

Floor Reinforcement and Stability

Assessing the structural integrity of your floor is crucial when preparing for the installation of your automation solution. Automation equipment, especially robot arms, exert significant force during operation. Because of this, some parts of the solution will need to be anchored to the floor to ensure safety, stability, and operation performance.

Before installation, check the floor’s material, thickness, and condition. You’ll want to make sure it can support anchoring hardware and withstand the forces that the automation solution with exert.

Start Your Automation Journey Now

Connectivity and Integration

To make sure that your automation system integrates into your existing infrastructure, talk with your IT department to configure your network settings for the automation system.

At Zeta Group, we utilize Ethernet connectivity and have remote access as an option for your automation equipment.

Installation Support

A well-coordinated installation ensures a seamless transition to your new automation setup. This helps minimize disruptions and maximize efficiency.

Prior to your installation date, ensure that proper internal resources and manpower are allocated to support the installation. Additionally, before installation, determine which spare parts you would like to stock.

Zeta Group Engineering is a robotic integrator and conveyor manufacturer based in Wrightstown, Wisconsin.

We are an authorized system integrator with FANUC America.

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