Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution with FANUC CRX-25iA

About a year ago, we release our Hermes Automaton Series – Mobile Robot Solutions. The solutions in this series are known for being mobile, compact, and cost effective.

Since FANUC has recently released new additions to the CRX lineup, our Hermes Automation Series has also been upgraded to include more options.


The largest of the new cobots from FANUC is the CRX-25iA. This cobot still has all the features of the original CRX-10iA but has an increased reach and higher payload.


The FANUC CRX-25iA’s increased reach and higher payload means this cobot is perfect for many applications, including palletizing.

While there are many uses for the Hermes Series solutions, we have a standard solution for end of line palletizing.

Hermes Increased Reach

The new CRX has a max reach of 1,889mm. This increased reach allows Hermes to be utilized in more applications.

When deployed as a palletizer, Hermes can reach a pallet height of 80in.

Hermes Increased Payload

The new CRX has an increased payload capacity. When integrated into our Hermes Series, the cobot has a max capacity of 40lbs.



The key feature of Hermes is that it is mobile, while still using a 110VAC power source. By placing the cobot on a mobile cart, it is easily moved between multiple lines. This saves unnecessary downtime.


Using a collaborative robot allows for an additional level of safety. It utilizes safety force sensing, rather than external safety fencing or electronic safety devices.

Small Footprint

Hermes is designed to be compact and space saving. In manufacturing, maximizing floorspace is critical for operations and Hermes’ docking mechanisms and mobile cart allow for space to be used efficiently.

Versatile to Fit Application

Hermes mobile solutions are able to be used in a variety of applications including palletizing, machine tending, case packing, and material handling.

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