Hermes Mobile Cobot Highlight: Mobility

The Hermes Mobile Cobot, featuring a FANUC CRX-25iA, is a mobile cobot system designed to increase the efficiency, reliability, flexibility of manufacturing facilities.

How is Hermes Mobile?

A lot of companies will claim that their cobot solutions are “mobile” but in reality, that just means that they can move them around their facility with a fork truck, lift truck, or overhead crane. At Zeta Group, when we say something is mobile, we mean that the system can be moved without the need for any additional equipment.

By placing the cobot on a mobile cart complete with castors, this allows Hermes to easily be pushed around by a single worker. Because of this easy mobility, Hermes can be undocked, moved, redocked and up and running at a different station in under 5 minutes.

Why is Mobility Beneficial?

Multiple Line Usage

One reason the mobility of Hermes is so beneficial is that it can be utilized on multiple lines. This allows for continual use of the cobot, rather than letting it sit idle.


               We had a customer who needed help automating twelve lines with only a few of these lines running at a time. To optimize their process, we developed a solution that utilized three Hermes Mobile Cobots that would be used at each of the twelve lines.

               Each line had slightly different product, so the cobots were pre-programed with every configuration for each of the twelve lines. All an operator needed to do was select the programming for the line the cobot was positioned at.

               By integrating three Hermes Mobile Cobots we were able to keep our customer’s investment costs low, and increase the positive ROI on the system.  Additionally, the customer saw a 40% increase in the throughput of the product.

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

Trying to clean or do maintenance on a line with a big, stationary industrial robot can sometimes be a hassle. With Hermes, this problem is greatly reduced.

Being able to roll the cobot and move it away from its working area allows for less congestion when doing maintenance and cleaning. This potentially allows for system upkeep to take less time and therefore reducing the downtime of the line.

Ease of Redeployment

With a simple tool change and additional programming this Hermes platform can be redeployed to a new line doing a new function.

For example, Hermes can be utilized for

    • Palletizing

    • Case Packing

    • Machine Tending

    • Pick and Place

    • Display Packing

    • Kitting

    • Finishing

    • Dispensing

    • Etc.

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