Newly Redesigned Hermes Mobile Cobot for Palletizing


The Hermes Mobile Cobot solution takes a cobot and places it upon a mobile cart, allowing the system to be manually moved around. Zeta has previously released Hermes as a palletizer with the FANUC CRX-10iA/L; however, this unit provided limited reach and limited payload.

Hermes Palletizer has now been redesigned with the recently released FANUC CRX-25iA to provide greater reach and payload.

Rendering of Hermes Mobile Cobot with FANUC CRX, conveyor, and two pallet locations

Hermes Mobile Cobot Palletizer Design Features


The new CRX-25 has a greater reach and payload allowing companies to utilize Hermes in more applications than before.

The CRX cobot is backed by FANUC’s 8 years zero maintenance and includes FANUC’s proven and reliable software.

Mobile Cart

The mobile cart that holds the CRX cobot is designed to ensure mobility is easy and convenient. Other mobile cobot carts may claim mobility but require fork trucks or lift trucks. Hermes, on the other hand, is mobile without the need for additional equipment.

Additionally, the mobile cart is so easy to handle that a person can power down, undock, move, redock, and power back up in under 5 minutes.


The HMI on Hermes provides HMI an enhanced user experience. The HMI includes many features such as embedded video and PDF, an easy way to start up and/or recover the cobot, and remote access.

Standard End of Arm Tooling

The standard end of arm tooling for Hermes reliably picks and places product for palletizing.

Meltric Safety Plug

Hermes utilizes a Meltric Safety Rated Switch Plug for the power source for Hermes. It includes a lockable disconnect and quick disconnect.

Benefits of Hermes Mobile Cobot Palletizer

Continuous Production

Quick ROI

Flexibility (Multiple Line & Multiple Application Use)

Small Footprint


Easy Install

Ships Fully Assembled

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