Hermes Mobile Cobot Applications

Our Hermes Mobile Cobot is a mobile robot system that increases efficiency, reliability and flexibility in a manufacturing line.

Our most popular application for this system has been as a mobile palletizer. However, palletizing is only one of the many applications that Hermes can be installed as.

Hermes Key Features


The key component of all of our Hermes applications is the mobility of the robot cart. No matter the application, Hermes always includes a mobile robot cart with docking stations at each of the lines for repeatable positioning.

One of the benefits of this mobility is the ease of maintenance and cleaning that this provides. Being able to roll the robot around to access all sides allows for a more thorough and easier maintenance process.

The mobility allows for the robot to be easily moved from line to line. Due to the design of our mobile robot cart, Hermes can be shut down, undocked, moved, redocked, and started back up in under 5 minutes. The best part? All of this can be done without the need for a forklift or overhead crane!

Quick Install

Typical Hermes applications can be installed in less than one day including startup and training. This is again because of the mobility of the system. There is no need for fork trucks or overhead cranes. Instead, Hermes can easily roll into place on your manufacturing floor.

Hermes Applications

Listed below are a few of the key applications that Hermes can be installed for. Each has their own unique features and specs.


Case Packing

  • General Case Packing
  • Display Tray Packing

Machine Tending

  • Part Stacking
  • Part Load/Unload


  • Product Labeling
  • Load Labeling


  • Buffing
  • Sanding
  • Polishing
  • Grinding

Pick and Place

  • Mold Building
  • Part Transfer
  • Printing Industry
  • Kitting


  • Caulking
  • Glue

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