Hermes Frequently Asked Questions

Hermes Mobile Palletizing Cobot FAQs

What is the maximum palletizing height?

The max palletizing height varies depending on the depth of the cases. For deeper cases, we have achieved heights up to 85". However, with smaller cases, we typically operate within the range of 70-72".

What is the maximum box weight?

The maximum weight for a single pick, whether it's one case or multiple cases, is 55lbs.

Is a conveyor included?

Yes! We include a 4 zone 24VDC in-feed roller conveyor.

What are the utility requirements for Hermes?

120V single phase 60Hz

60-80 PSI

What type of product can Hermes palletize?

Hermes can be equipped with various end of arm tooling options based on product types. It can handle cases with sealed tops, cases with open tops, and bags to name a few. If you have unique product, let us know and we will work to see if we can come up with a custom end of arm tooling for your product.

How is Hermes mobile?

We took the FANUC CRX-25iA and placed is on a Zeta Group designed mobile cart with casters. An operator can easily use the handles to maneuver the cart around the manufacturing floor without the need for fork trucks or lift trucks.

How hard is it to move Hermes?

Hermes has been designed with ease of movability at the forefront. It can be un-docked, moved, and re-docked to another line in less than five minutes.

What are the docking stations and are they required?

Hermes comes with 2 docking stations to ensure the repeatability and stability of the robot cart.

What software does Hermes use?

Hermes uses FANUC's PalletTool3 software.

What kinds of upstream accessories can you apply to the Hermes system?

  • Bar code scanner
  • Print and Apply
  • Labeling
  • Flap detection
  • Case sealer
  • Case erector

What is the payback time on this?

The ROI is 1 year based on three shifts of production based on the national average pay.

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