Mobile Collaborative Palletizer with Fanuc CRX Cobot – Hermes Automation Series

In Greek mythology, one of the attributes of the god Hermes is that he is the god of travel. Since our mobile palletizers are able to “travel" between multiple lines, we saw it fitting to name them the Hermes Automation Series.

The Hermes utilizes a Fanuc America CRX10iA/L collaborative robot or M-20iD/25 industrial robot depending on the application. Hermes is perfect for multiple palletizing applications.

This palletizer system allows you to continuously utilize a single robot between multiple lines without having the downtime and cost that multiple stationary  robots have when a line isn’t being utilized.

The Hermes Automation Series has many unique features, this blog will give a brief overview of those features:


As mentioned, the Hermes is able to move between multiple lines. It is allowed to do so because the CRX cobot is placed on a mobile platform which can be docked to different stations.

Because of the simple design of the docking station, the system can be quickly redock and power up at a different line in under 5 minutes. This saves unnecessary downtime.


The collaborative version of the mobile palletizer robot gives an additional level of safety.

The Fanuc CRX has safety force sensors which reduce the need for an additional safety fencing or other electronic safety devices.

This means human workers can collaborate next to the robot on a given line.

Low Entry Point

Using a Fanuc CRX is an economical approach to your palletizing needs. Doing so reduces overall costs of the system.

Additionally, being able to utilize this system on multiple lines means that costs associated with having idle robots is now removed.

Small Footprint

The docking mechanisms and platform that the cobot is placed upon, as well as the cobots themselves, are deigned to be compact and space saving.

Scalable to Fit Application

The multiple robot options for this series means that it is able to fit a multitude of different application needs.

In instances where the Fanuc CRX collaborative robot does not meet the requirements, like when the load is heavier or the pallet height is higher, a Fanuc M-20iD/25 industrial robot is utilized.

Versatile to Fit Application

This mobile system can also be utilized for other various applications aside from palletizing. Other options include case packing, material handling and machine tending.

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