Hermes: A Mobile Cobot System with Fanuc CRX Cobot

In Greek mythology, Hermes is celebrated as the god of travel and a divine messenger for the gods. Drawing inspiration from this legendary figure, we introduce Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution, our innovative mobile collaborative palletizer. 

Powered by the FANUC CRX-25iA collaborative robot, this versatile system brings a touch of mythology to modern industrial automation and reimagines the manufacturing floor.

Rendering of Hermes Mobile Cobot - Palletizing

Reimagining Manufacturing with Hermes


What sets Hermes apart is its mobility, which allows a single robot to seamlessly transition between multiple production lines. 

This dynamic feature eliminates the downtime and costs associated with using stationary robots on idle lines. 

Efficient Docking

Hermes is designed with the FANUC CRX placed on a mobile platform, which can be docked to different stations, enabling the robot to move between multiple lines. 

Thanks to the simple docking station, the system can quickly redock and power up at different lines in under 5 minutes, saving unnecessary downtime.

Collaborative Safety

The collaborative nature of the CRX coot enhances safety with the safety force sensors, reducing the need for additional safety fencing or electronic safety devices. 

Workers can collaborate next to the robot on a given line, ensuring a safer working environment.

Closeup of cobot palletizer picking boxes

Low Entry Point

Installing a Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution is an economical approach to your palletizing needs.

A FANUC CRX is more economical than an industrial robot, reducing the overall system costs. 

Utilizing the system on multiple lines removes the costs associated with idle robots.

Small Footprint

The mobile platform and docking station, along with the cobot, are designed to be compact and space-saving, optimizing your workspace.

Versatile to Fit Application

Hermes can be utilized for various applications including case packing, machine tending, and material handling, making it a versatile solution for your automation needs. 

Unlocking a New Era in Automation

The Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution, inspired by the legendary god Hermes, is more than just a cobot solution; it’s a testament to innovation and versatility in automation.

With its mobility, collaborative safety features, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability for various applications, it’s a game-changer on the manufacturing floor.

By eliminating downtime and streamlining operations, Hermes sets a new standard for automation.

Embrace the future of automation with Hermes and reimagine your manufacturing floor.

Zeta Group Engineering is a robotics integrator and conveyor manufacturer based in Wrightstown, WI.

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