Features of Medusa – Tube Feeder Application

Medusa Automation Series is a tube feeder perfect for transferring and singulating small diameter tubes and rods.

Features of Medusa

High-Capacity Bulk Feed

Automated Part Singulation

The automated part singulation allows for the tubes to move from the bulk feed to individual slots on a conveyor. It separates the tubes and transfers them as necessary.

Removable Drip Tray

The parts that are being handled may be oily. A removable drip tray allows for the oil to be gathered and disposed of properly instead of getting your facility floor dirty.

Maintenance Tipping Feature

There is a feature on Medusa that allows the bulk feed compartment to tip back and forth. This allows for easy access to the singulation machine when maintenance needs to be done.

Variable Speed for Vibration and Incline Conveyor

There are various speed options for both the vibration and incline conveyor. This allows you to fine tune the machine as needed.

Tube feeder for singulating small diameter tubes.

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