Features of a PRM Conveyor

PRM conveyors are a highly durable and reliable conveyor type. At Zeta Group, our Arion Conveyors are comprised of customizable PRM conveyors.

3D rendering of PRM conveyor

Steel Frame

The frame of a PRM conveyor is made from a rugged steel construction. Steel frames are known for durability and reliability.

PRM frames were originally designed for the rotor and caliper industry. With over 45 years of proven reliability, its safe to say these frames are made to last.

Non-Indexing Motor

Motors on a PRM conveyor are continuously running. The parts on the conveyor are controlled by pop up stops and by integrating chain transfers into the design.

Having a continuously running motor is beneficial because it means that the motor/gearbox and sprockets/chains last longer.

Multiple Roller Variations

Another feature of the PRM conveyor is the multitude of roller surface choices. Having a variety of rollers means that the conveyor can be customized to best fit your product.

The roller choices include:

  • Urethane Rollers
  • Steel Rollers
  • Plastic Rollers
  • Right Angle Transfer Rollers
  • UHMW Rollers
  • Tapered Rollers
  • Hardened Steel Rollers

Flexible Layouts

The footprint of a PRM conveyor are highly customizable. This allows the conveyor to be designed to best fit the floor print of your manufacturing floor.

A few examples of the layout variations include:

  • Curved Roller Sections
  • Right Angle Transfers
  • Custom Widths and Lengths
  • Single Lane or Multi-Lane


At Zeta Group, we partner with FESTO for our controls on projects. The PRM features many FESTO products.

A FESTO I/O system is used. Only one ethernet IP connection is required for the entire system. Additionally, all the sensors and pneumatics are on the same network.

PLC programming auto detects connected devices and builds I/O maps.

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