Features of a Light Duty Over Under Conveyor

Easy & Quick Installation

Our light duty over under is much less complex than a standard over under, meaning that the design-build-install process takes a fraction of the time.

With Zeta’s in-house controls installation, the lead time of implementing controls on this conveyor is greatly reduced compared to using a third party.


This application is extremely cost effective because the frame, pallets, and guarding are all aluminum based rather than steel.


The footprint of this conveyor does not exceed 10′ long and 2′ wide which means it can fit easily into smaller spaces. This helps greatly increase the available floorspace on the manufacturing floor.

Continuously Running

All over under conveyor motors are non-indexing, meaning they are continuously running. This increases the lifespan of the motor and gearbox.


This conveyor features custom designed guarding covers on each end of the conveyor. This allows a operator to safely work alongside the conveyor.

E-stops and safety switches are also available for additional levels of security.

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