Easy Installation – Hermes Mobile Cobot

Installing robotics systems can be typically a long, complex process. This requires long moments of downtime for a manufacturing line.

Zeta Group Engineering’s Hermes Series mobile cobot is a far less taxing installation process.


Quick Install Process

Unlike the larger, more involved robotic systems which can take many days to install, Hermes’ install takes less than a day. The installation, startup, and training can all be completed with only one day of downtime.

The key to the quick installation of Hermes is its mobility. Because the cobot is docked on a mobile cart, it can be easily rolled off of the shipping truck and into the facility without the need for forklifts or overhead cranes.

Less Downtime

As stated earlier, the installation can be completed with only one day of downtime. When time is of the essence in a manufacturing facility, this is a large advantage.

Small Footprint

Hermes utilizes a cobot and therefore is able to occupy a small footprint because it does not require perimeter fencing or safety rated sensors which require large setbacks.


  • Electric Supply: 120V, single phase 20 AMP circuit
  • Air Supply: PSI 80 min to quick disconnect
  • Anchoring the receiving side of the docking station

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