System Spotlight: Dual Over Under Conveyors

At Zeta Group, our Cyclops Conveyor Series – Over Under Conveyors stand out as some of our most popular conveyor solutions.

The popularity of the over under conveyors is attributed to their remarkable versatility, allowing for customization to accommodate a large range of solutions and floorspace requirements.

Recently, a customer inquired about using an over under conveyor for a part that exceeded the length capacity of a single over under conveyor.

The customer needed a solution that could efficiently handle products ranging from 12 to 40 feet in length.

The Challenge: Handling Varied Product Lengths

The primary challenge for this project was the significant variation in the lengths of the products.

A standard over under conveyor was insufficient for the length requirements.

The Solution: Dual Over Under Conveyor System

To address this challenge head-on, we designed and implemented a dual over under conveyor system.

This innovative approach involved configuring two over under conveyors side by side, synchronized strategically at stops and pick-up points.

By doing so, we achieved a seamless coordination between the two conveyors, allowing for the efficient handling and transportation of products.

This setup ensured each conveyor played its part in conveying the load, resulting in a smooth and reliable operation.

Enhancing Versatility for Unique Requirements

Our commitment to meeting our customer’s specific needs highlights the adaptability of our conveyor systems.

This dual over under configuration not only addressed the immediate challenges of varying product lengths but also enhanced the overall versatility of our Cyclops Conveyor Series.

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