System Spotlight: Dual Over Under Conveyors

At Zeta Group, our Cyclops Conveyor Series – Over Under Conveyors are some of the most popular conveyors that we make.

The versatility of the over under allows it to be customized for a variety of different solutions and floor space needs.

Recently, a customer inquired about using an over under conveyor for a part that was a bit longer than what a single over under could handle.

To combat this challenge, additional versatility was needed, and we provided a dual over under conveyor system.

The Challenge

Our customer needed to conveyor products that varied between 12-40 feet in length. This variation in length was too much for a single over under conveyor to handle.

The Solution

To be able to provide a system that could handle the length of the products, we designed a solution that included two, side by side, over under conveyors that synchronized the product at the stops/pick up points.

This allowed the product to be arranged so that both of the conveyors handled the load and conveyed the product.

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