Depalletizing/Palletizing System – Sneak Peak of Zeus Automation Series

Depalletizing and palletizing are two of the most common processes in material handling. At Zeta Group, we specialize in robust end of line robotic solutions, including depalletizing/palletizing.

We currently have two FANUC robots on our floor being integrated into a fully automated depalletizing/palletizing system.

Utilizing automation and robots for these processes increases efficiency and quality and helps decrease labor costs.

Automation is the best way to keep management off the floor and decrease labor shortage issues. It increases safety, throughput, ergonomics, and flexibility of your manufacturing processes.

The modularity of this system allows it to be arranged and customized to fit a variety of floor spaces and configurations.

Additionally, the versatility of the end of arm tooling means it can be customized to handle different kinds of product including various sized cases and bags.

Depalletizing and Palletizing robots in a fully automated system

Safety is a top priority at Zeta Group, and we create a risk assessment document with every project that follows a project from start to finish.

We use various risk mitigation techniques including perimeter guarding, setbacks, light curtains, signage, and area scanners to make sure that when a system is installed on a manufacturing floor it includes the highest level of safety possible. 

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