Machine Tending Conveyors

Over-Under Asynchronous Conveyor

Continuously running asynchronous pallet (fixtured) conveyor which allows individual pallets to stop/start for accurate pick and place of product without shutting down motors or relying on clutches that other systems require custom widths, lengths, and custom designed fixtures.

PRM – Powered Roller Medium Duty

Single drive conveyor for accumulating heavy industrial parts in dirty, dusty environments with slip roller technology and/or zero pressure zone accumulation

Custom Roller Variations:

  • Urethane rollers
  • Steel rollers
  • Plastic (HPDE) rollers
  • Hardened steel rollers
  • UHMW rollers
  • Tapered rollers
  • Right angle transfer rollers
  • Belted transfers with rollers

Silent Chain Conveyor

Accumulation conveyor for a wide variety of heavy industrial parts

Custom widths and lengths

Multiple strands available

Plastic Belt Conveyor

Transportation and accumulation conveyor with a wide variety of belt options per product handling requirements

Custom widths and lengths using Intralox as a primary source

Slat Conveyor

Fixtured, indexing conveyor for heavy product

Custom widths and lengths

Optional chain pitch sizes available with or without fixtures

Attachment Chain Conveyor

Single or multistrand for fixture of specially shaped products