5 Conveyor Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Downtime

Preventing Downtime with Conveyor Maintenance

Making sure conveyor systems are running smoothly is extremely important. Any sort of damage that may occur could lead to a large amount of downtime in order to repair the damage. This is why it is crucial to keep up to date on conveyor maintenance.

Here are a few conveyor maintenance tips for keeping your conveyor running in great shape.

Conveyor Maintenance Tips

Tensioning Chains

Making sure the chain is properly tensioned helps ensure the conveyor will not jam. Checking the tension of your chain periodically will help prevent the chain and pallets from jamming, causing further issues.

Chain conveyor transfer

Belt Tension and Tracking

Belt tension and tracking is important because if a belt is not tracking properly, it will deteriorate the belt much more quickly. To ensure this does not happen, check to make sure it is tracking correctly.

Additionally, tension on the belt helps ensure the belt does not slip on the drive pully.

Belt Conveyor Transfer

Checking Gearbox Oil Level

Proper oil levels in the gearbox keep the components of the system lubricated. This helps prevent wear and tear. Periodically check the oil level in the gearbox and add oil based on the manual specifications.

Checking for Wear/Alignment

Regular checks for wear and alignment are important for catching potential issues early. Rather than waiting until issues arise, keep on top of larger maintenance repairs early and often. This way, you can schedule downtime to the line for repairs rather than having an abrupt stop to production.

Over Under Conveyor Stop

Keep Clean (Free of Dust and Debris)

Keeping dust and debris off of your system is one of the simpler things that you can do to help keep your conveyor in tip-top shape. A clean conveyor system means that there is less of a chance of something falling into important moving components.

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