System Spotlight: Roller Conveyor for 3000lb Plastic Tote

In the world of industrial automation, the ability to move heavy loads efficiently and seamlessly is a pivotal factor in optimizing operations. We recently undertook a project to design and build a conveyor system for a client grappling with the challenge of transporting a hefty 3000lb plastic tote. The result was a conveyor system that […]

What Makes Hermes Unique

Zeta’s Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution takes a collaborative robot and places it on a movable cart. There are many other “mobile cobot” solutions out there but by choosing Zeta’s Hermes, you gain a unique competitive advantage over other manufactures. Here’s why. MOBILITY Other mobile cobot solutions provide limited mobility. For those companies, “mobility” means being […]

Streamlining Robotic Installation with Robot Integrators

Installation of a robotic system is a large undertaking. Especially for those who are underqualified or those who don’t fully understand the nuances of system installation. When it comes to a large system that includes a robot, it’s beneficial to leave the installation up to certified robotic integrators. Streamlining Robotic Installation Robotic integrators are extremely […]

System Integrators – Experts in System Design

Robotic integrators play a critical role in the field of automation by serving as experts in system design. Integrators possess a deep understanding of robotics and automation technologies, enabling them to develop comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of business across various industries. EXPERTS IN DESIGN System design is a crucial part of the […]