System Spotlight: Roller Conveyor for 3000lb Plastic Tote

In the world of industrial automation, the ability to move heavy loads efficiently and seamlessly is a pivotal factor in optimizing operations. We recently undertook a project to design and build a conveyor system for a client grappling with the challenge of transporting a hefty 3000lb plastic tote. The result was a conveyor system that […]

Discover the Features of Zeta’s Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution

Zeta’s Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution is a game-changer in the world of collaborative robotics. It features the FANUC CRX-25iA cobot. While there are several “mobile cobot” solutions available, choosing Zeta’s Hermes brings you a range of distinct advantages, primarily in terms of remarkable features. Let’s dive into what sets our Hermes system apart. Unmatched Mobility […]