System Spotlight: Stacked Over Under Conveyor

Over under conveyors are unique material handling solutions. At Zeta Group, we take a standard design and customize it to fit the parameters of specific projects. We recently completed a project where two over under conveyors were stacked on top of each other to provide a unique solution for our customer’s needs. Stacked Over Under […]

Features of a Light Duty Over Under Conveyor

Easy & Quick Installation Our light duty over under is much less complex than a standard over under, meaning that the design-build-install process takes a fraction of the time. With Zeta’s in-house controls installation, the lead time of implementing controls on this conveyor is greatly reduced compared to using a third party. Economical This application […]

Features of a PRM Conveyor

PRM conveyors are a highly durable and reliable conveyor type. At Zeta Group, our Arion Conveyors are comprised of customizable PRM conveyors. Steel Frame The frame of a PRM conveyor is made from a rugged steel construction. Steel frames are known for durability and reliability. PRM frames were originally designed for the rotor and caliper […]

System Spotlight: Stainless Steel Dry Ice Conveyors

Overview A customer came to us needing a conveying solution for transporting bagged dry ice. Because of the type of product being transported, special materials were needed. Our solution was a stainless-steel plastic belt conveyor constructed for a washdown environment. Features Stainless Steel Frame The frame was made from stainless steel so that it could […]