Why Automation Can Help in the Worker Shortage

It’s no surprise that almost every business is looking for workers right now. Many are looking into various hiring and retention tactics to help increase their increase their employee count. Thankfully for the manufacturing industry, there is a solution that doesn’t involve the headache and high costs of hiring campaigns. Automation. Facts We Know About […]

Robotic Integrators – Ensuring Seamless Integration

In today’s rapidly evolving world, automation has become a key driver in efficiency and productivity across industries. When it comes to installing an automated system, it is essential to recognize the significant role of integrators. Integrators are responsible for seamlessly bringing together the diverse components of an automated system. In this blog post, we will […]

Say Cheese! – Automating Palletizing Operations for Cheese Manufacturers

At Zeta Group, we are located in the heart of America’s Dairyland. With a rich history and expertise in dairy production, Wisconsin is a hub for cheese manufacturing. Being located in Wisconsin allows us to specialize in end of line applications for cheese manufacturers, especially palletizing applications. In this blog we are going to highlight […]

Robot Integration Enhances Product Quality

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, product quality is a critical factor that can determine a company’s success or failure. Manufacturers are turning to advanced technologies such as robotics to achieve their production goals. With increasing pressure to product high-quality products at lower costs and with greater efficiency, it’s important as ever to have systems in […]

Features of Medusa – Tube Feeder Application

Medusa Automation Series is a tube feeder perfect for transferring and singulating small diameter tubes and rods. Features of Medusa High-Capacity Bulk Feed Automated Part Singulation The automated part singulation allows for the tubes to move from the bulk feed to individual slots on a conveyor. It separates the tubes and transfers them as necessary. […]