Depalletizing/Palletizing System – Sneak Peak of Zeus Automation Series

Depalletizing and palletizing are two of the most common processes in material handling. At Zeta Group, we specialize in robust end of line robotic solutions, including depalletizing/palletizing. We currently have two FANUC robots on our floor being integrated into a fully automated depalletizing/palletizing system. Utilizing automation and robots for these processes increases efficiency and quality […]

Newly Redesigned Tube Feeder Application: Medusa Automation Series

Named after the Greek goddess that is known for having snakes for hair, the Medusa Automation Series tube feeder application is for transferring and singulating small diameter tubes and rods. There are many features to this system as well as options and accessories that can be added which make it customizable based on project needs. […]

Zeta’s 2021 Project Highlights

Since the year is coming to an end we wanted to recap some highlights from our past year. HIGHLIGHTED PROJECTS Custom Cyclops Conveyor – Dual Over Under Conveyors KEY FEATURES Asynchronous Conveyors work in tandem to transport product Flexibility Custom Odysseus Conveyor – Belt Conveyor KEY FEATURES Turntable – Rotation Capabilities Customizable slider bed Custom […]

System Spotlight: Tub Conveyor and Pallet Dispenser

Background The customer needed a conveyor for accumulating bathtubs and a pallet dispenser in order to be able to place the bathtubs on pallets for their shipping procedures. The project required the accumulation conveyor to be on two different levels of the facility. Because of the size and nature of the bathtub both the pallet […]

Mobile and Compact Systems

               Manufacturing floorspace is extremely valuable. So having automation systems that have small footprints can make a big difference. Thankfully, we have equipment that specializes in being compact and mobile to make fitting into smaller spaces a breeze.                Recently we had to opportunity to show our mobile and compact equipment at a few trade […]