Introducing the Light Duty Over Under Conveyor

A standard over under conveyor is extremely useful in material handling applications. But what if you need a conveyor that is more compact, economical, and quicker to implement? A light duty over under might be the answer!

A light duty over under conveyor is a wonderful alternative to the larger standard over under conveyor. It has all the same general features, but it has a few additional bonus features that make it a great low-cost addition to a manufacturing line or automation system.

Let’s dive into some of these features a little bit.

Light Duty Over Under Features


Being compact is an important feature of this conveyor. Maxing out at 10 feet long and 2 feet wide, it can fit easier into smaller workspaces. This helps maximize the available floorspace on the manufacturing floor.


Aluminum comprises most of the conveyor parts. The application becomes much more cost effective when the pallets, frame, and guarding are aluminum based. Our standard over under conveyors are made with steel which makes them more rugged, but also increases the price.

When looking to install a full-blown automation system, this feature can give you room in the budget for additional equipment such as robots or cobots.

Quick Implementation

A compact conveyor means there are less complex materials to assemble. We assemble the light duty over under in _____ instead of over weeks.

Additionally, Zeta offers the option for in-house controls installation on all of our conveyors. This reduces the troubles and additional time associated with using multiple providers.

This means you’ll be automating your manufacturing lines quicker with less down time.


A key feature of the standard over under is that it is asynchronous. This means that the pallets can move independently from the chain and from each other.

The light duty over under is no different. The pallets move on the chain independently and pneumatic stops control positioning.

Continuously Running

The motor on this conveyor does not index and is continuously running. This means the motor/gearbox has a longer lifespan and the cycle time from station to station decreases.

Conveyor Controls

All of the conveyors in our cyclops conveyor series use a Festo I/O system. This system allows all sensors and pneumatics to be on the same network.


As always, safety is on the top of our minds here at Zeta, so the light duty over under conveyors have a variety of safety options.

Custom designed guarding covers each end of the conveyor where the pallets move from top to bottom. This allows someone to work alongside the conveyor.

There are electronic safety options as well. These include safety switches and emergency stops.


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