Benefits of Light Duty Conveyors

What is a “Light Duty Conveyor”?

Light duty conveyors are scaled down versions of standard conveyors. They are typically more compact and lighter than their larger counterparts and are made from less heavy-duty materials. A light duty conveyor typically functions in the same way that a standard conveyor will, but their capabilities are geared towards smaller and lighter parts.

Benefits of Light Duty Conveyors


Light duty conveyors typically have a smaller footprint, making them more compact. Maximizing the utilization of floorspace is extremely important in manufacturing facilities; therefore, a more compact conveyor may make a huge difference in the facility’s layout.

Easier to Install

Because of the lightweight nature of a light duty conveyor, the installation process becomes much simpler. Large overhead cranes are not needed to move light duty conveyors: a simple fork truck will easily do the job.

Cost Effective

The parts needed to design and build these conveyors are much more cost effective than building a standard conveyor system, allowing a customer to justify adding a conveyor to their line more easily based on the ROI.

Shorter Lead Times

Many of the materials used to create a light duty conveyor are stocked and ready to use on our shop floor. This means the lead times for certain materials get decreased. With today’s supply chain issues and long lead times, this becomes a large advantage.

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