Benefits of Choosing an Integrator with In-House Controls

Integrating conveyors and manufacturing equipment needs to be a precise and smooth process. One of the larger variables in this process are the controls of the system. In-house controls have many benefits that provide a smooth integration process.

When a company uses a third party to handle the controls on their system, there is a greater probability that the project will take more time to complete. Because of this, it is more practical and timesaving to select an integrator that handles the controls in-house.

In this blog we will show two ways in which in-house controls saves time and show the various in-house controls capabilities that Zeta has to offer.

Providing In-House Controls Saves Time

I. Communication

Working with a company that does in-house controls means that there is no third party involved in that part of the project. A third-party controls company could lead to longer lead times because of the need to relay information through more sources. With in-house controls, project requirements are directly communicated to the team.

Additionally, when a third party becomes involved, there is a chance for miscommunication between the integrator, customer, and the company handling the controls. When the controls are kept in-house, communication is directly between the customer and the integrator and miscommunication can be reduced.  

II. Integration with Mechanical Design

Providing controls in-house allows for the mechanical design to be integrated closely with the electrical design. The mechanical engineers can work directly with the electrical engineers in real time to design a system. Rather than having the mechanical portion of the project designed and then placing the electrical designs on top of that, the two can be created simultaneously to construct a cohesive and optimally designed system.

Zeta’s In-House Capabilities

Control System Design

Panel Design

Panel Build

Machine Wiring

Development of Functional Specifications

Software Programming for Entire System

Fanuc Robot Simulation

Vision Systems

Interfacing with Third Party Equipment

Creation of Operation Manuals and Procedure

Full FAT (Factory Acceptance Test

Install and Start-Up Support

Festo modules

Panel in cabinet, finished

Wiring on a conveyor project

In process building of electrical panel

Fanuc robotic simulation software

Festo equipment on a system

Platforms Zeta Uses

Allen Bradley PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Fanuc Robots

Festo Pneumatics and I/O Modules

Weintek HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Pulse Roller Conveylinx

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